Pati Hope


Pati began her healing journey over 30 years ago when life as she knew it went south. She knew that there had to be more to life than she had been taught. She began to study with spiritual directors, healers and shaman.


From her own personal journey, she began to see the blessing in embracing change and giving herself permission to learn and practice self-care techniques. She was then able to see that life can, and should, be lived with passion and joy.


Pati believes that all things in life happen FOR us and not TO us. All paths lead to the evolution of the soul. When we begin to understand this, we see the blessings in all life situations and value the opportunity for personal growth, rather than see them as failures or burdens.


Wanting to make a difference in the world, Pati founded Evolve to Live - a non-profit organization providing education about the benefits of true self-care.
Pati is a wandering nomad and can never be found in the same place for more than a few weeks. She is currently on the road spearheading the 2018 Self-Care Summer Tour! Keep an eye out for her!

Kimberly Hobbs

Director of California Division


Kim is a movement therapist and body worker, navigating work as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, as well as officiating college basketball in the winter months. Having practiced yoga for the past 20 years, Kim has found freedom in movement and breath. She has studied yoga with Shiva Rea, Kathryn Budig, Janet Stone, and Dana Flynn, among others.


Kim offers educational programs through ETL as well as guided meditation and yoga classes during retreats and workshops.


Kim resides in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband, Chuck and their fur child, Luna. You can find Kim out on her paddleboard or biking to the local bar.

Rebeca Johnson

Director of Pacific Northwest Division


Graduating from Oregon School of Massage in 2011, Beca went right to work as a
therapist in a day spa. While enjoying the clientele and the atmosphere, the spa
industry was not her niche. She moved on to a chiropractic clinic where she spent the
next 5 years. Rehabilitation massage and deep therapy relief were both modalities she
enjoyed, however, something was still missing.

During that time, Beca continued her education by taking courses in Essential Oil
Massage, Raindrop Technique and Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage where she found
her calling. Providing these specialty and alternative massage techniques allowed her
to be creative and intuitive.

Beca plays an integral part in ETL workshops and retreats, offering education in
Essential Oil usage as well as healing body work. She resides in Vancouver, WA with
her husband Eric, 2 year old daughter Andi, and black lab Zuri. In her downtime you
can find her hiking, camping and hunting for mushrooms.

Ryan Duer

Web Design & Development Consultant


Ryan began her self care journey after finding out she was pregnant with her son in 2013. During breastfeeding she got so bored she began to practice math and other scholastic activities not really finding much enjoyment until she decided to try learning to code. It turned out she had a knack for it, so she decided to teach herself more about web design from her local library. It wasn't long before she began more formal training at Saddleback Community College in Orange County, CA earning excellent grades and even a recommendation for the Dean's list. She was unable to finish earning her certificate in web design at saddleback due to an unexpected family move, but was lucky enough to find an amazing job in her field of study that gave her real world training and experience.


Ryan was raised in an environment of technology as her father was a communications officer in the United States Marine Corps. He taught his children a lot about computers.  He was a bit of a tech geek, always getting the latest and greatest and teaching his kids how to use it. Ryan attributes her ability to understand varying Operating Systems, Software, and databases to her father's teachings and enthusiasm. She is also a bit of a tech geek.


You won't find Ryan as her self care centers on a great deal of solitude, but you might see her on her balcony gardening, playing guitar, or writing.