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We know that energy follows intention. Whatever we set our intention on is going to manifest in our lives. We're going to find exactly what we're looking for whether it's positive or negative. 

It's true in all areas of our lives, personally, politically and professionally. So it's important where we place our energy. (focus)
In our last newsletter we posed the question "What's your word(s) for 2017? In other words, where would you like to place your focus, your intentions? 
To refresh your memory we've had people who have said, Trust in Self, Communication, Self-Love, Simplicity, Diligence, Healing, Boundaries, Travel and Direction.  
Now we add to the list a few words and phrases that a few brave people have added to the mix. Gratitude; Non-Retail; Back to Basics; Forward with Focus and Hope are a few of the words and phrases people shared with us about their intentions for 2017. 

A few specific thought processes:

This is a very interesting email to arrive out of nowhere.  I thought my word for the new year was 'surrender' and I had been doing a lot of thinking about how and why I was to do the surrendering.  Then on FACEBOOK, there was a post "What is your word for 2017?"  Why not give it a try, I thought.  Let's just see if it matches up.  Of course, it didn't! Instead I received the word "HOPE."  Hence the connection to this email.  It also put a more positive spin on surrender. So, my word for 2017 is HOPE .
My word or words is “Back to Basics” Life had gotten way too complicated in year past and my goal for self care in 2017 is to go back to the “simple” things – habits, hobbies, friendships and activities that make me happy without having to spend money, add “things” or over-think what I am doing. Looking forward to a much “saner” and happy 2017! Peter

Forward with Focus. Are my words. I want to move ahead with my ideas and quit getting sidetracked with things that stop my forward momentum. Amy

Holle - Hope

So how about you? Have you picked your word(s) that will help guide your through 2017 by keeping you focused on your intentions? It's not too late! And, if you have picked it, how are you doing with making it your focus? Simply keep your word or words in your awareness while making all decisions in 2017. It becomes your personal mission statement... Your Word.