Posted by Pati Hope on Jun 15, 2018 under

Do you live your life in busyness? Has life thrown a few curve balls at you lately... and then you find a moment to breath.... and you find your creative juices flowing and you start thinking up shit to do... buy... change... just because there has been a space to pause.

Do you find that you're not living in the moment and are projecting to days, months and even years later... the What if's?

I see it all around me and why is it that I can recognize it so clearly? It was my life! For years, I'd stuff an hour of work into 5 minutes and when there was space to BE... STILL... I had no idea how to do that or that I should even do that.

Until one day... life came crashing down and I finally heard a speaker, Terry Hershey, a christian speaker no less, talking about the power of pausing. Really?

When I started attending retreats for work (I worked at a church), I remember thinking, all I want to do is sleep... rest.... Don't talk to me... don't make me do anything...

If you find yourself in a situation right now, a stressful... an all time consuming... lifestyle and you find that you have a moment free of chaos and drama, and your creative forces find a space to flow, try not to let them make more work for you or take you away from being with YOU!

I know... it feels weird right? Who is this person that should be our best friend? Who knows... If you're at all like me, I had no idea who I was, who I had been created to be... what gifts I had to share with the world. Why? I stayed busy 24/7. After all, if I got to know me, I might not like me.

Well my darling, I can guarantee you one thing. When you get to know YOU... spend time with YOU... YOU too will see the brilliant bright shining light that is YOU and YOU will love you as much as I do!