Especially during the holidays it can be very tempting to let things that we do for ourself to take a back seat.

A colleague of mine, Peter and I recently spoke about the temptation to put off or completely let go of the things that give us life or bring us joy, when we feel pressured for time. 

He was telling me how he and his wife try to go for daily walks together. It's a time where they connect emotionally and talk about things that are important to each of them. Recently when he found himself particularly busy he was tempted to cancel his walk... tempted. But then he caught himself, went for his time away with his wife and when he got back, everything just seemed to flow in after, as he put it.

That lead to a reoccurring conversation that we have about my life. Working on Evolve to Live, there are are so many wheels that need to be turned and often I feel like a juggler trying to juggle many plates in the air and feel overwhelmed. Most times I only work on projects that have energy behind them (things that are fun), which can lead to my feeling like I'm not doing enough.

But as Peter pointed out, "Pati, I've watched you for years. When you do the things that bring you joy, everything else just flows in behind."

It's the same with morning prayer, meditation or exercise. Once we take the time for ourselves, the rest of the day flows in behind and that is a gift to everyone around us.