Posted by Pati Hope on Apr 17, 2018 under

One of the great things that happens for me when I travel is that it keeps me conscious. It is so easy for me to get in a rut and routine of doing things, that making a shift periodically in my life helps me to stay awake.

It's never that comfortable to make the transitions and I can easily become depressed and then a bit of a hermit saying an inward NO, to the opportunities that present themselves to me.

My friend was helping with a fundraiser for the Community Food Bank Motorcycle Poker Run, and I said YES to helping her... she had a table at the base of the mountains handing out poker cards. ( I LOVE the mountains!)

Then, she asked me to Happy Hour, (which I hate, for a myriad of reasons). After my initial "No," then, "I don't know, let me think about it," finally turned into a "YES! Why the hell not?"

Because I said YES, I found myself with an invite for a ride on the back of a Goldwing Touring Motorcycle during the up coming poker run. (I LOVE motorcycles!)  You guessed it, I said "YES!" It was a brilliant ride through the back roads of the desert landscape.

What does one have to do to say "YES" when new opportunities arise? Get out of your head!

Stop thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn't or couldn't and let God/The Universe support you in your heart's desire.

I had an invitation for a motorcycle ride a year ago, which never quite manifested itself. Being patient and saying YES to opportunities that were out of my comfort zone, paved the way for this dreamy afternoon.