Posted by Pati Hope on Sep 07, 2017 under

Day 6 of the Self-Care Awareness 30-Day Challenge invites us to take the time to discover what brings us joy in our life? What lights us up? What puts a smile on our face.

When working with clients, I also add, "It can't be SOMEONE or SOMETHING." Well, that takes loads of things out of the equation. Now, I'm not saying that people or things can't bring you joy, but when you're trying to discover your passion for living, people and things are just on the surface.

Why can't it be someone or something? A few reasons. First, as I mentioned, they are not deep down desires of who you were created to be. What brings you real joy and puts a smile on your face is something deep within your being. It's a soul calling. It's a gift that you've been given to share with the world.

Secondly, SOMETHING... will always go away. It may bring you joy for a bit, but it's not the passion deep within. SOMEONE... is on their own life's journey path... and at some point will venture off to follow their hearts desire even if you're not ready.

Nope... to discover what truly brings you joy in your life, you may have to ask someone from childhood. "What did I like to do? Play?" Many times, in becoming an adult we loose sight of what we used to love.

So while the challenge today is to discover and show what brings you joy in your life, if you'd like to go deeper... begin noticing... what really brings ME joy! What makes ME happy?