We're on day 6 of the 7 Day Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. And while I have been stretching myself with my pink and blue hair, mostly I've been getting out of my comfort zone with business related things since that's what I'm focused on currently.

However, my friend inspired me yesterday to do something physically challenging and so while I've been wanting to go to kundalini yoga and meditation, I have always found an excuse to miss it. It's scary! Not for some, but for me. While I'm used to doing everything alone, for some reason this is harder. I googled the place once again in hopes of a new found strength and a Groupon came up for a month of unlimited yoga so I bought it. (Yes, I plan to go:)

However, with all the best intentions in place, once again I managed to miss the evening class. Quickly enough I talked myself out of going and ended up seeing the movie Hidden Figures.

I could have (and started to) beat myself up for not meeting the challenge. "What will the others think?" But then, as a Self-Care Advocate, I knew that honoring what I was feeling was also important. While going to the movie alone is not new for me, attending with a full theatre and sitting next to other people was and I was definitely out of my comfort zone, watching what I was thinking and feeling, living consciously.

And that's the point of stretching ourselves isn't it, living mindfully? Whether it's meeting goals we've set or honoring how we're feeling, we need to be the observer in life. Witnessing what we are thinking and feeling? Where are the judgmental voices coming from? Me or another? Where do we feel less than and where are we comfortable standing in our own power?

And when the observing is finished, the non-judgmental observing, we can begin seeing where we are on our own journey of life. (None of our journey's are the same, that's why comparing ourselves to others is pointless.) Where are there still wounds? Where are there still not so nice voices in our heads and where can we begin to gently love ourselves, being our own cheerleader and not worrying about what anyone else might think because in the end, this journey is personal and all micro-movements forward are victorious.