This morning a text came from a friend. "I want to do a 7 day challenge. I want to do something out of my comfort zone everyday for 7 days. It won't be easy for me, so I'm planning baby steps! I will use the phrase... "I would never... and then do it! Would you like to join me?"

I answered with my famous, "Why not?" And off we went. I extended the invitation on Facebook and a few brave souls joined us. I began racking my brain... what could I do? With All Planets in Direct Motion, I felt like anything that I could accomplish would be amplified.

I could go to the new 5 Star hotel on the beach and walk around. It would take courage for sure. I wanted to take a kundalini yoga class... that would take courage. I wrote a letter to the Ellen Show about Self-Care Awareness Month... that took courage. But none of those things were really out of my comfort zone... yes... they took courage, but I would do them.

I was scheduled for a hair appointment with my daughter... as I sat in the chair with a hair artist standing behind me... and the words, "Do whatever you want! I want something different!" With the encouragement of my daughter... here's what I did today... that I would never have done....

This 10 step process took from 11-8PM and with each phase, I unwound another emotion. I have always identified myself with my hair. Could I be something different? I've always wanted to 'blend in.' Now, could I stand out and be seen?

Afterwards, we had a much deserved beer... several young men behind us made some comment... and I laughed and said, "Wait til they see how old I am!" One young woman shouted as she walked by, "I LOVE your hair!" This will definitely be an exercise in getting out of my comfort zone on many levels! Let's see... what will I do tomorrow? How about you?

Many thanks to my daughter Kim and hair artist, Nick!