I'm sitting here wondering where the past two months have gone. I didn't write a newsletter in September... even though it's Evolve to Live's big campaign... Each September is Self-Care Awareness Month. September came and went, followed by October... same thing. Oh sure, each month I tired to write something but it just didn't seem authentic, I just couldn't be present.

ETL, as well as some of its team members, including myself, have been in a mode of pausing and reflection... waiting for the next step of evolution to reveal itself, both as individuals as well as an organization.

Since life is an ever evolving process, one should flow in this process and discover how to actualize and expand oneself. Bruce Lee  
After spending the summer on the road promoting Self-Care Awareness Month, it felt like the Riverbend Retreat Center in Sahuarita, AZ., as it currently was, had come to completion. (More below) What I've learned over the years is to WAIT... the answers will become clear... when they are! And they were not... yet.

All I knew is that something was a brewin' and I went inside myself and watched as it all unfolded in perfect timing.  (I find things flow the best when I get myself out of the way! No easy feat mind you.)

I have emerged... finally... well, long enough to poke my head above the sand for a bit anyway, with a grain of clarity. The retreat center sold, and I find myself liquidating my STUFF... once again. It feels like a refinement of the journey I took in 2009, which I wrote about in my book, A Year in a Suitcase. After the end of a 30 year marriage, I literally got rid of everything that didn't fit into a 22" suitcase and backpack. (The very same ones that I still travel with today.)

I don't exactly know how things are going to look, but I do know they're evolving. Currently I'm in SoCal and have claimed the next five months to personal self-care! Imagine! 

As I'm traveling around the country, I am aware that Self-Care Awareness is slowly catching on. I see it the topic of several television show and even in stores where they are displaying Self-Care Products for sale. 

Of course, we believe that Self-Care Awareness is far grander than buying things for ourselves. We see it... in short... as becoming an advocate for yourself. This includes speaking up for yourself, saying YES when appropriate as well as saying NO when the time calls for it as well. It means being as good to yourself as you are to others. It all begins with YOU my friend. 

As we're coming upon the holiday season, be sure to make some time just for you! I know... you can't squeeze out one more second in your day. Okay, start the morning with a deep cleansing, conscious breathe. Just start there and later in the day when things seem a bit out of control, try it again. And when the traffic is making you crazy... try it once more. 
"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise." -Anais Nin 

     Riverbend Retreat News

The Riverbend Retreat Center 
in Sahuarita, AZ

When I think back four years ago as I stood at the foot of Three Giant Sahuaro's... where the property was calling me... the property completely without visible life... and I wondered... Who rescued whom?

The Riverbend Retreat Center came into my life at a time when I needed retreat. I listened as the land showed me how it wanted to evolve and with each step we took, the next phase slowly revealed itself. 

Many people, including myself have benefited from being on the land. We held retreats, created ceremonies, had healing's... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, developed long lasting friendships, all while sharing the same vision...  LOVE... beginning with learning to love ourselves.

I am 100% confident that once I released the land with ceremony and gratitude, it chose it's next caretakers, much like in the movie Moana, the ocean chose Moana. It was a crazy unbelievable easy transfer of title and the new caretakers of the land understand and appreciate the spirituality of it all. I'm so grateful.

I expect that Riverbend Retreats will continue to evolve, as they have since Evolve to Live was formed. If you find yourself needing some time away, email me, perhaps you can come visit me... wherever I am! 

Thank you to all who have come to the land... for whatever reason you were beckoned. We participated in the restoration of the buildings, healed the land with ceremony and water. We wined, dined, learned about ourselves on a deeper level, cried, loved and laughed, THANK YOU!  I love and appreciate your part in the healing of my heart and the heart of the land.